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Erik has an excellent ability to troubleshoot problems very quickly and efficiently - he's the guy you come to for a solution when there doesn't seem to be any answers.
We used to work together for a huge project & in a good teamwork relationship & with a good performance result.
Erik is a skilled Sr. Developer who has the ability to analyze and solve problems very quickly. Not only he is very open to collaborate with other team members during design or implementation stage, but he is also not afraid to share his knowledge to others. One of the best developer with great personality that I've worked with!
I've worked with Erik on various technical issues over the last five years and have found his technical skill to be excellent. Erik has a broad range of expertise that allows him to triage and evaluate situations and offer timely solutions. His dedication to "making stuff work" is amazing. He is also an effective communicator and team player. I'd highly recommend Erik, and would gladly [...]
Erik is my go-to consultant for .NET work. He knows the framework, he hits his deadlines and he is great with the clients. We recently had a project go sideways (no one's fault) and he handled it like a pro!
Erik, thanks for accelerating the development of our Mobile Application Framework. You brought great ideas and creativity to the team. Numerous testing and documentation processes are now automated along with some very handy samples that compliment our growing number of production applications. Your knowledge and experience in web and mobile made much of this possible.
Erik and I worked together on the HTML 5/PhoneGap project that was fraught with challenges related to technology infancy and browser differences. Through the long hours and frustration, Erik was able to keep a smile on his face and keep pushing through to achieve a successful result. He was able to overcome the obstacles by being creative and persistent. I would definitely work with Erik again.
Erik consistently provided excellent technical solutions under pressure and was proactive in creating working solutions. He was easy to work with and his breadth of experience was impressive.
Erik has a very good understanding of software development and has a solid grasp on the latest technologies being used. He is able to work take a user requirements and implement them seemlessly into web appliications using the latest in technologies.
Erik is a passionate and truly dedicated javascript engineer. He thinks at the high level and his personal drive as an engineer make him a tremendous asset to any team.
Erik has been an exemplary contractor for TCS. Not only has he worked with a remote team of developers with great efficiency, but he also spent time mentoring them. His work ethic is excellent, he would sometimes work into the early hours of the day to make sure that the deadlines were met. For my latest project, VirtuMedix, Erik led the team from inception to completion of the 1.0 release. [...]
I have worked with Erik for the last 1.5 years on three different projects. His knowledge and skillset in web development added a lot of value to our team. Erik is a great team player who consistently contributes good ideas. He has proven more than once that he can work and deliver under a tight deadline. I definitely recommend Erik and would re-hire him without hesitation.
Erik is a tremendous source of knowledge and expertise. His energy and enthusiasm was incredible, and as a mentor to junior developers like myself, his instruction, patience and communication skills were invaluable. I continue to follow Erik's writing and voice in social media.
Erik is one of the few people I've met who cultivate a wide range of experience but are still able to apply it in depth. His responses to difficult challenges - particularly with regard to testing difficult web applications - were often innovative and showed great perseverance while under pressure from the company and clients.
I had the pleasure to work with Erik for the past year. He is a talented developer, and was instrumental in establishment of the City’s mobile application framework.
Erik is a highly motivated developer. He brings considerable expertise to bear using his vast array of client side web and mobile development platform knowledge. His very positive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and it would be great to work with him again. Any employer looking to hire a seasoned client side developer need not look further.
Erik is a hard worker, and a smart worker. He is a team player, thinks out of the box, and truly puts a lot of care and consideration into his work. I recommend Erik for any web application development. With Erik you get the experience and the maturity from a developer you can count on.

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